Difference between scientists and engineers

Posted: February 10, 2015 in STEM
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From what I understand, scientists delve deep into a topic. They research about it and try to find out the why’s and how’s of it. Engineers, on the other hand use that information to solve real-world problems. This does not mean that scientists cannot apply what they have discovered or found out. They can but they have to do so by limiting themselves according to the real-world constraints. This is because scientists when carrying out tests, have to be really broad-minded and not generally care about how well it can be applied. Engineers, have to care more about the application. They sometimes tend to overlook or even modify the theories to suit the needs of the solution process. I guess the difference between a scientist and an engineer can be depicted by the following equations:

Knowledge + Understanding + Analysis = Scientist.

Knowledge + Understanding + Analysis + Application = Engineer.

So, this is how guess the world works. Scientists research about theories and problems and find out the theoretical solutions. Engineers play with these theories and theoretical solutions and try to come up with practical solutions using the minimal resources. The managers, marketers or salesmen then come into play and sell the solutions or products developed by the engineers and researched by the scientists to gain monetary benefit. All three are equally important to each other. Without scientists, engineers would not be able to create new products or solve real-world problems. Without engineers, scientists would not get the chance to see their research work being put to some good use. And without managers, the reach of the products of engineers would have been low. If these three work in tandem, progress and development takes place. New discoveries are made and new things are invented. Innovative solutions to complex problems are formed.

So, if you want to find out whether you are a scientist or an engineer, judge your mindset. Do you seem to usually ask yourself ‘how’ and ‘why’ a thing happens? Do you feel like going into depth? Then you have the potential to be a scientist. However, if you ask yourself how can you utilize the given information or knowledge to your advantage, then you have the potential to be an engineer. And if you ask yourself as to how you can make money from a situation or an event or a product, then you are a future businessman 🙂

So, what is your opinion about the difference between scientists and engineering? Awaiting your comments.


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